How safe is my neighbourhood?

Whether you're moving house, buying an investment property or just want to know how safe your neighbourhood is, a SafeHome report puts your address in the picture.

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SafeHome neighbourhood safety reports present the latest official crime and vehicle crash data for your selected locality using map views and charts.

Buying a home?

You like the house, it’s close to transport, shops and good schools, but what about crime in the neighbourhood?

How prevalent is robbery, assault, theft and break and enter, and where are the traffic accidents occuring?

Investing in property?

You’ve done your research, the price is right, but just how well do you know the locality?

How prevalent is property-related crime in the area? What security investments might you need to make?


Whether moving in short or long term, close by or far away, it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into.

How prevalent is motor vehicle theft on the street? How safe is the walk to the bus stop or train station?

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What do NZ SafeHome reports contain?

Each neighbourhood safety report includes:

Map overlay

A map view of the neighbourhood surrounding your selected address displaying the locations of crime and traffic incidents*

Traffic incidents

Information on the severity of traffic incidents

Neighbourhood crime

12-month crime trends in your neighbourhood

Local trends

Comparison of rates of several crime types in your neighbourhood with regional averages

Regional comparisons

Comparison of your crime in your region with the rest of New Zealand

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